• Que: What is Google Page Rank?
Ans: Enter a list of URLs (use ‘www’ for best results). The results will have the Google Page Rank value, a number between 1 and 10 for each url (ie – www.top25web.com 6/10). This means www.top25web.com has a Google Page Rank of “6” out of a possible “10”.

• Que: How come it takes so long for Google to assign a high page rank value?
Ans: Page rank assignment can easily take 6 months or more before your site gets a good PR assigned (typically PR4 or higher)…as it’s a measurement of past performance and new domains will likely have no history with the search engine.
• Que: How do I use the Google Page Rank Report?
Ans: Google Page Rank, also referred to simply as “PR”, is the number between 0 and 10 that Google assigns a url. The Page Rank value is based on the number of incoming relevant links you have to your site, which have a Google Page Rank value of 4 or higher (PR4+). They may take other links into account in their algorithm, but those that are relevant and have a PR4+ are then going to help you the most.
It is a general consensus that the higher your Google Page Rank, the easier it is to get into the top results in Google. Also of note, it is increasingly more difficult to jump up a point in Page Rank value than it was from the last jump. For example, it’s fairly easy to get a Page Rank 4 with a few links, but a Page Rank 5 requires many more links. A PageRank 6 requires hundreds of links, and so forth